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Ishawooa Mesa Ranch


Ishawooa Mesa Ranch is located on the upper Southfork of the Shoshone River about 40 miles from Cody, Wyoming. Our exclusively grass fed and finished beef is raised without hormones or antibiotics. No herbicides are used in our pastures. Intensive rotational grazing by the cattle keeps the pastures healthy and lush. Careful attention to consistent weight gain and forage quality ensures flavorful, well-marbled, healthy beef.

Laying hens, broiler chickens, heritage-breed pigs, turkeys, and dairy cows also graze our pastures where their manure is used as a natural fertilizer. Supplemental grain is organic and grown by farmers in neighboring Montana. Our animals, along with a big garden, provide much of the food consumed on the ranch. We sell all our products locally through the Cody farmer’s markets, The Local restaurant, and Whole Foods Trading Co. and now FarmTableWest! Our focus is on supporting the local food movement with quality meat, dairy, eggs, and produce raised the right way.

Location: Cody, WY (South Fork)

Product: Eggs, Beef, Pork, Poultry

Phone: (307) 899-3398


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