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Why should I care about farm-to-table?

Every dollar you spend on food from your “backyard” turns over 7 TIMES in the local economy. So who knows? Maybe the bunch of carrots you buy will help pay for a future kids playground, a ranch job for a young guy (or gal) in school, or even a Wyoming NFL Football Team (ya never know!) Of course, you're also supporting farmers and producers who LOVE improving your life with their food.

The point is you’re supporting a lovable, quirky, and passionate community. In other words, one big family.

Plus, when you fuel your body with Good Food it helps you live life to the fullest. We're big believers in what some wise guy (or girl) once said "You are what you eat."

When it comes down to it, that’s what we believe food’s all about. Connecting Good People. It’s why we do what we do. Buying and eating whole foods from Good People is an investment in yourself and your community.

What is Good Food?

Food produced with out any regular use of synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and with plenty of love for the environment and People who eat it. In some cases synthetic chemicals are used in small amounts to give the soil a boost when starting out. In rare cases antibiotics are used to save the life of an animal. The doses of these applications are minuscule compared to most conventional large scale agriculture where the applications are the focus of the operation. Good Food is produced with a focus on nutrition, quality and the healthiest way to feed yourself and your family.

Can I order what I want and pick up?

Yep! Just add what you want to your cart and choose whichever pick up option works for you in the shipping options at checkout. You pick up your order for no extra charge.

How do I pick up my food?

At checkout you'll be able to choose one of our designated Pick Up locations and times to get your groceries with no additional fee.

When can I get my order delivered?

Within Cody City Limits, we offer Next Day Delivery Monday through Friday. You can schedule your delivery for any weekday afternoon as long we get your order by Midnight the night before.

When do I need to order by?

Order by Midnight for Next Day Delivery or Pick Up. So if you wanted delivery by Thursday afternoon we'd need your order by Midnight Wednesday night. Or if you wanted to pick up at Saturday's Buyer's Club we'd need your order by Midnight Friday night.

How do I know my food will be delivered fresh?

We've tested this packaging in temperatures from -10 degrees to over 100 and it still does the job! Keeps lettuce fresh and ground beef frozen for over 8 hours giving you peace of mind that your groceries for the week are still phenomenal by the time you get home!

Are there GMO's, synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers used in production of any of this food?

All of our produce, meat, coffee, and eggs are produced w/out regular use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers OR are certified organic. Cody Coffee is also fair-trade and organic certified from its sources around the world.

Most of our Big Horn Basin producers are not certified organic due to the cost of inputs and certification, but produce in a way that would be organic if it was financially feasible. There is a possibility that GMO's are present within the feed eaten by some of our poultry products. It's important to note the Certified Organic feed is usually twice the price of conventional feed making a fair price upwards of $8/dozen for eggs. Certified Organic feed & products also allow for certain amounts of synthetic chemicals. Most Certified Organic products are produced with only 95% Certified Organic ingredients, meaning free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering, according to the USDA. The remaining 5% may only be foods or processed with additives on an approved list. This is very similar if not more lenient than the standard for our products.

Our honey products are not organic because of the range the bees venture to find food and slim possibility to come in contact with pesticides. However, the crops in the Bighorn Basin that are sprayed with pesticides (corn, beets, alfalfa) are generally not pollinated by bees. Bees travel as close to the hive as they can to find food (generally about 2 miles), and our producers have many fruit plants and flowers to keep the bees as close to home as possible. Honey is one of the most sterile products known to man because of its density and bacteria is unable to grow on it.

Our pantry and dried good items are locally produced or organic whenever possible. In order to offer a full range diet, sometimes there is no available alternative for this area and we can't guarantee that certain products were produced without synthetic herbicides, pesticides and/or fertilizers. 

How is the meat produced?

All of our beef, yak and lamb are 100% grass fed, meaning that the animals are left out to eat grass during the warmer months, and hay or sprouted grains (grass) in the winter time. This gives the meat a much higher amount of Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional grain fed red meat.

All of our pork is pastured meaning that it is able to eat fresh grass in fresh air (no confinement) as well as grain or corn. Since pigs and chickens are not ruminants like animals mentioned above, they do not have the rumens (first stomach of a cow that digests grasses with aid of special bacteria) necessary to survive on a 100% grass-only diet. However, grass still increases the flavor and nutrition of pastured animals.

All of our eggs and poultry products are pastured liked description above.

Where does this food come from?

-Our local produce comes from producers within and around the Big Horn Basin. Each producer specializes in certain crops depending on their climate.

-Our meat, sweets, and eggs are all produced within the Big Horn Basin.

-Our organic produce comes from a large distributor who sources mostly from California, some Mexico and occasionally South America. We wish we could get 100% local but it's just not feasible here...yet.

Can I get a Buyer's Club share delivered?

Yep! Just order a Buyer's Club share and add anything else you'd like to your cart and simply choose Home Delivery in the shipping options at checkout. You'll be charged $6 for delivery.

What's included in a Buyer's Club share?

$25 for 8-10 Local or Organic Fruits & Veggies. A 1/2 Share (IN ORANGE BELOW) for $13 is 5 fruits & veggies. Each week will vary depending on the season. A $60 meat share includes 7-9lbs of local beef, pork, lamb and/or chicken.



-Valencia Oranges       (4 oranges)
-Rainbow Carrots         (2lbs)
-Bananas                       (1 bunch)
-Zucchini                       (1 lb)
-Broccolini                   (1 bunch)
-Strawberries               (1 lb)
-Green Onions             (1 bunch)
-Scott's Lettuce           (1 head)
(Shoshone River Farm: Cody, WY)
-Scott's Spinach           (4 oz)
(Shoshone River Farm: Cody, WY)
-Scott's Swiss Chard   (1 bunch)
(Shoshone River Farm: Cody, WY)


-Sonja's Italian Sausage   (1lbs)
(Becker Family Stock Farm: Thermopolis, WY)
-Lloyd's Beef Roast   ~(3lbs)
(4TBar Ranch: Clark, WY)
-Kevin and Keri's Ground Lamb (1lbs)
(Fort Causeway: Lovell, WY)
-Kevin and Keri's Lamb Rib Chops (1lbs)
(Fort Causeway: Lovell, WY)
-Lloyd's Sirloin Steaks   ~(2 steaks)
(4TBar Ranch: Clark, WY)

Do I have to buy every week?

You buy when it's convenient for you. So if you're out of town there's no need to arrange somebody else picking up.

How do I know what the Buyer's Club share will be before I buy?

You can sign up for our email newsletter where send out what the share will be, and recipes each week. Click HERE to sign up.