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Why We Do It

Mission: Expand regenerative agriculture by connecting Good Food, from Good People, to Good People.

Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm Zach Buchel, the tall lanky guy on the right, and a guy who’s always excited about Good Food.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it if I tried. I love it all. From the planting, the growing, the herding, the harvesting, the cooking and of course the eating! Saying it’s an obsession would be an understatement.

What really gets me out of bed in the morning though, is how food brings people together. That itch is what eventually led to this whole FarmTableWest thing.

I got that after working in a soup kitchen where every day was like one big (sometimes dysfunctional) family dinner. My time at Shoshone River Farm wasn’t much different, except it was more like a family garden/market/party.

Ever since, I’ve hoped to find that same feeling with food in everyday life.

So far, it hasn’t happened. FarmTableWest is our way of sharing that feeling with the world.

How? By putting a face to your food. Whether it’s Scott’s Lettuce, Lloyd’s Ground Beef, or Karen’s Eggs, with our food on your table, you’ll know Who it came from or how it became food.

When it comes down to it, that’s what we believe food’s all about. Connecting Good People. It’s why we do what we do. There wouldn’t be a reason to get up at 4am to feed the cows, harvest carrots until midnight, or pull an all-nighter to finish a newsletter if we didn’t care about people.

Getting Good Food, from Good People, to Good People is no walk in the park or get rich quick scheme. But, it’s a hell of an adventure that we hope has no finish line.

-Zach Buchel


We believe that together, food and community can change the world for the better.