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About Us

Why We Do It

"We aim to expand regenerative agriculture by connecting Good Food, from Good People, to Good People."


We believe that together, food and community can change the world for the better. 



    Founder, Zach Buchel started to realize how food creates community in Chicago while working at Franciscan Outreach's soup kitchen. He cooked and served at least one free meal to a 100 guests a day. 

"Even though food was our "function", what we really provided was community."

        Motivated to bring that mentality to America's food led him to found FarmTableWest here in Wyoming. Working at Shoshone River Farm showed him small farms centered around small communities have difficulty getting their food to people. That sparked the concept of selling small farms' food online to make it easy for busy farmers, and busy people to connect. 

       Founded in 2016, FarmTableWest has begun the process of building a new market for food produced with community in mind, or what they call:

Good Food: food produced with out any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, herbicides and with plenty of love for the environment and People who eat it. 

      FarmTableWest now delivers to people's door Monday-Friday with hopes of growing beyond the Big Horn Basin to bring more 

Good Food, from Good People, to Good People.