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Heart Mountain Valley Ranch


    Dale Neff moved out to Cody in 1977 from Nebraska. He started out in construction until one day he was looking at the barn on his property and thought "I could get me a couple bales a hay, buy a calf from the auction in Greybull, feed him, and butcher him." And just like that, the ranch had begun.
      He got to thinking that all the alfalfa on his property would be good enough to finish his beef all on grass. He knew that it would take longer but he liked the flavor of really lean meat, and saving money on buying feed kept his price down.
    When the Organic Certification began, he read all the details and thought "Well that's what I'm doing anyway, so might as well go Organic." He's been one of the few certified Organic Beef producers U.S. ever since.
      No matter if it's 100 degrees or 20 below zero, Dale's favorite part of ranching is being outside. At 82 years old we asked Dale about retiring. He said "I don't plan on retiring. EVER. I may not put in the hours like I used to, but at least I do what I can. Here I am today. Still doing 'nothing' I guess."
    Dale and his four generation family owned farm have been providing Cody with grass fed beef for over 30 years. They're not going anywhere either.

Location: Cody, WY

Product: Grass Fed & Finished Beef

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