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Gluten Free Oats


Our son, Forrest Smith, was diagnosed celiac at age two. We had been through it all, the suffering, the uncertain diagnosis, the fear that all health mysteries bring to a family. Finally, with his diagnosis, we understood what his diet limitations were. But we lacked guidance, and most of all, we lacked reliable trusted sources of food. Since then my wife and I, along with many other relatives on both sides of our family, have been diagnosed. This give all of the owners of GF Harvest a unique firsthand understanding of the “issues” you face if your food is cross contaminated. Throughout Forrest's childhood, our family has been active in local and national support groups helping people cope with the frustrations of being on a GF diet.

That could have been the end of our story; acceptance and living with limitations.   But, what happened next was amazing...

A Need, An Idea, A Project, A Company:  Instead, this involvement created a quest. Our son Forrest decided to seek a trusted solution for his restrictive diet. This led him into an innovative high school project and then designation as an FFA Entrepreneur. From there, the idea grew.  

The project resulted in the founding of and GF Harvest. We became the first domestic source of natural and organic oats for folks like us on a gluten free diet.

Our Processes:  We go the extra mile so your bowl of oatmeal or treat is SAFE by: Using a stringent set of requirements to grow for us, along with personally walking each field so we have traceability from planting to package:

  • Dedicated growing fields and equipment isolated from gluten contamination.  
  • Testing every truck before entering the mill
  • Double testing in our lab with monthly sample re-verification by an independent lab
  • Making sure each bag of oats is from non-GMO seed
  • Processed in our DEDICATED Gluten Free Mill
  • Packaged and stored in our DEDICATED Gluten Free warehouse and production facility

Location:Powell, WY

Product: Organic Gluten Free Oats

Phone: 888-941-9922


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