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Carter Country Meats


It all started in 1964, rancher and visionary, Mark Johnson Carter moved his young family 280 miles from their Bozeman, Montana ranch to Ten Sleep, Wyoming. His vision: 40,000 acres fed by twenty-seven natural springs on some of the finest land nestling the western slope of the Big Horn Mountains. The land’s potential proved as high as the work to be done.

In 1982, his son, Richard Carter took on his father’s vision. Raised as one of eleven children, Richard knew a thing or two about grit and self-reliance. Those same skills helped him ride the changing times when the market was down, and cattle prices were low. Richard is the sole reason the ranch is still in family hands to this day.

In 2012, Carter Country Meats was born, the brainchild of Richard and Ruthann’s sons, RC and Mark Carter. They are the third generation to call the Carter Ranch “home”.

These days, RC and his wife, Annia continue the family tradition on the ranch. They are leaders in redefining regenerative food production models and are 100% committed to raising their young family in the ranching ways. Their lives are colored by what they value most; red dirt, food, family, and play. Their boys, Cam, Will, and Tru, spur their desire to provide genuinely grown food and an upbringing reminiscent of generations past.

Country Certified

Certified Country is our standard and the new bar defining quality meat. All Grass-fed, Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Double Aged cattle sourced from us and our friends and neighbors.

With responsibility to the land and animals, our cattle spend the duration of their lives roaming bio-dynamically active soils, nurturing the native vegetation they thrive on. This cycle that ensures our beef have a profoundly distilled flavor profile and nutrient dense composition.

We hang our hat on the premise that best tasting beef has to be raised slowly and with respect. Our knowledge of cattle and the vast grasslands they roam was instilled by our forefathers. Bucking the trend by investing in natures lessons, we only harvest older animals of 4 to 14 years age. Like fine wine our beef gets better with age.

It's all about the fat. This bounty forms through the many years spent harvesting the seed of the native landscape, this knowledge is only held in the grass. Slow Grain Finish! .0075% of these animals diet is the highest quality local grain the rest, grass! The result a completely different flavor profile...

Location: Ten Sleep, WY

Product: Beef