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Bryant Honey


Four generations ago in 1915, H. E. Bryant, brought 50 colonies of honey bees into Wyoming by railroad car. Today, Bryant Honey operates 5,500 hives, and is owned and operated by 4th generation beekeepers Don and Bobby III Bryant at their new state-of-the-art bee shop.

Bob Bryant, Jr. (Don and Bob III's father) continued to carry on the family business from his father Bob Sr. and ran approximately 1,000 to 1,200 bee hives. After the death of their father, Don and Bobby took the bee business over and expanded the bees by purchasing "Lingle Honey" from Charlie Miller in 1987 increasing their hive count by 2,000.  

Currently they operate some 5,500 hives and during the honey production season the Bryant Honey workers are busy checking on their 275 bee yards placed on irrigated agriculture property throughout six Wyoming counties. and the panhandle of Nebraska.  

The main focus for the first three generations was honey production. Bryant Honey is a member of the Sioux Honey Association located in Sioux City, Iowa. Their grandfather, Bob Sr. was the "29th" member of Sioux Honey, a honey Cooperative.

In 1992 Don and Bobby III decided it was time to expand into Migratory Beekeeping. Annually Bryant Honey sends their Honey Bees to Northern California to pollinate almonds and prunes. Migrating to California provided two benefits to Bryant Honey. It helped to strenthen their bee business, by having their hives winter in California instead of struggling for survival in the cold Wyoming winters and not having to rely soley on Honey production for income.

Today, the 5th Generation is actively pursuing the Honey Business. Don's two sons, Brandon and Brady currently have a Queen Breeding business along with their honey venture 307 Honey. Bree, Dons daughter currently works summer in the Bee Business and can be found throwing hives just like her brothers. Bob III's son, Bobby IV also works summers in the Bee Business and will know soon enough if his career will be in the Family Bee Business.                            

Location: Worland, WY

Product: Honey


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