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Heather's Elderberry Elixir (Immunity Boost)

Enchantment Creek Apothecary


This Elderberry blend is amazing.  Not only is it PACKED with Fresh Tincture of WILD Elderberries from the Rocky Mountains.  We have added key ingredients for boosting & sustaining your WHOLE Family's immune system through the Cold & Flu time of year.

FRESH Organic Ginger Juice is here to deliver circulatory encouragement.  While also driving the Magic of Elderberries deeper into your body.  Ginger has been shown to increase the effectiveness of other herbs, even Pharmaceuticals.  Being fresh juice of the rhizome, our Ginger addition makes this blend EXTRA potent and EFFECTIVE.  It offers it's own anti-microbial properties & is considered a PRIME anti-biotic in the Herbal World.

Elderberry is famous for WHOLE Family wellness.  Safe for the kids.  Effective for parents.  Giving your home the Shield it needs during the long winter months.  Stay well, be well, & enjoy this delicious blend!

Raw Honey makes up a big part of our Elderberry Elixir.  This makes the blend delicious, & nutritious!  All the benefits of RAW, LOCAL Honey come with the dose!

Be well this Cold & Flu Season, & ALWAYS...


INGREDIENTS:  Organic Grain Alcohol, FRESH Wild Harvested Elder Berries, ORGANIC Ginger Root, FRESH Wild Harvested Cone Flower Root, FRESH Wild Harvested Poplar Buds, FRESH Wild Harvested Rose Hips, Raw Local Honey, Love

NOTE**  Because of the Raw Honey Ingredient.  This blend is NOT recommended for babies, or nursing mothers.  Consult your Physician before adding ANY Herbal Remedies to your Regimen.  

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