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Heather's Arnica Pain Balm

Enchantment Creek Apothecary

Arnica Pain Balm  -  Topical Relief for Acute and Chronic Pain

Arnica has a strong reputation in holistic health care.  You can find this herb in the offices of Massage therapists, Athletes, and Surgeons.  All of these practitioners use Arnica regularly.  These diverse realms of body work are asking the same thing of this woodland flower… Pain relief please!  While also, are looking for relief of swelling, bruising, and inflammation. Arnica gladly delivers its help for these complaints.

Whats Special about ECA's Arnica?

Enchantment Creek has developed Arnica Pain Balm. This slave is a very special blend of plants. The trio was put together to create a more holistic remedy. The three plants in our Pain Balm help to make the the common requests of Arnica, that much more effective.

Arnica is best applied to pain of the joints and muscles. Usually, when Heat would be helpful. With it’s chemicals Arnica is a vasodiolator. As well as being a cardio stimulant. Both of these aspects will assist the body in moving fluid away from injury sites. Arthritic conditions as well as Sports Injuries benefit greatly from gentle movement of fluids. Arterial blood is then shifted to skeletal muscles, the brain and lungs. All allowing for inflammation to be soothed. As well as encouraging the body to heal itself without struggle.

HOW Does It Work?

While Arnica’s volatile oils, glycosides and sterols are all a wonderful beginning to relief. The special blend of Arnica Pain Balm is truly what makes it so effective. Enchantment Creek adds Clematis and Pedicularis to the mix. Both of these plants are traditional in Western Herbalism. Generally, they have been applied by Herbalists as extracts. Both of them helping to soothing anxiety and stress. As well as relieving headaches related to tension and constriction.

For Topical Use only our Arnica Balm was harvested in the conifer Forests of the Snake River Mountain Range, harvested sustainabley and ethically by hand, sun cooked oil with the addition of Neem for it's antimicrobial properties.

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