(Cody City Limits Only)

With Thursday Farmer's Markets coming to an end we won't be offering pickups during the week in the winter. You can still pick up on Saturdays at the Cody Farmers Market at 1328 Beck Ave. from 10am-1pm however. 


Shares for week of 11/16/19

Full Share          $24.99:
1/2 Share           $12.99:
*1 lb of Terri & Lloyd's Carrots
Lloyd Craft Farms: Worland
*1 lb of Organic Honeycrisp Apples
*1 lb of Organic Red Bartlett Pears
*1 bunch of Scott's Leeks
Shoshone River Farm: Cody
*8 ounces of Organic Mushrooms
*8 ounces of Terri & Lloyd's Brussel Sprouts
Lloyd Craft Farms: Worland
*1 bunch of Organic Kale
Shoshone River Farm: Cody
*1 lb of Terri & Lloyd's Radishes
Lloyd Craft Farms: Worland
*1 of Terri & Lloyd's Acorn Squash
Lloyd Craft Farms: Worland
*1 Organic Ataulfu Mango
Fruit Share $19.99:
*2 Organic Ataulfu Mangos
*2lbs of Organic Red Bartlett Pears

*3lbs of Organic Honeycrisp Apples