Veggie Hunting: Getting the best out of your hunt

August 02, 2019

Veggie Hunting: Getting the best out of your hunt

Some people hunt elk, others hunt tomatoes, carrots, or whatever's "in season". If you are the latter, now's a great time of year! Whether you're hunting in your own garden, or at a farmer's market, there's a few tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your hunt. For example, if you're hunting Broccoli, it's best to find heads where the flowers (little buds that you eat) are the tightest. The bigger and more spread out the buds, the tougher it will be, and nobody likes tough, woody Broccoli. 

  • Tomatoes: are at their most delicious when they are vine ripened. They might be just "blushing" on the vine when you pick them, but the flavor is all still there. When picked green and ripened off the vine, flavor goes down hill.
  • Cucumbers: are best when they are firm and evenly colored. Depending on the cuke, some will be darker green than others. Avoid cukes with yellow spots or wrinkly skins.
  • Melons: are ripe when you can smell that sweet succulent smell from the blossom end. Even better when you can feel a little give when thats pressed in. Watermelons are best with a nice yellow color on their bottom and make a nice hollow drum sound when you tap 'em!
  • Summer Squash: depends. The bigger they are the watery'er they are. If you're making zucchini bread you might want that. Smaller size is better for cooking to not over water the dish.

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