Garlicky Sauteed Mushrooms & Asparagus

May 02, 2020

Garlicky Sauteed Mushrooms & Asparagus


  • 2 cups chopped mushrooms
  • 2 cups chopped asparagus
  • 1 tsp fresh rosemary, chopped
  • 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic, minced
  • Salt & pepper
  • 1 tbsp ghee (sub avocado or other oil for dairy-free)


  1. First, chop up the mushrooms, asparagus, rosemary and garlic.
  2. Next, place a pan over medium heat. Let the pan heat up and then add the ghee to melt.
  3. Once the ghee has melted, toss everything into the pan to sauté. Stir everything together to coat with the ghee and season with salt and pepper, to taste. Cook about 4-6 minutes, stirring frequently to get everything cooked evenly.
  4. Serve and enjoy.

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