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What to do for Mom

May 16, 2018

What to do for Mom

      Mother's Day. Celebrated since the beginning of time (at least we hope), this holiday is about making Mom feel like a queen. Sometimes this can be a tall order. Like if you need to come up with an idea pronto, but instead your brain decides to take a day off. Here's a few ideas just in case that happens: 
  • Make her a clay pot with kids fingerprints.
  • Come up with a bunch of reasons why you love your mom, handwrite it on scraps of scrapbook paper and roll them up and put them in a jar.
  • Set up a small scavenger hunt with gifts (under $5) throughout the house with riddles in each card to lead to the next location. 
  • Make a scrapbook with pictures of her and the family. 
  • Get her favorite take out and do the dishes afterwards. 
  • Help her plant a garden (with whatever she wants to grow & eat.)
  • A few days before Mother's Day, ask her how she'd like to be pampered:  breakfast in bed, no bickering for 1 hour, let her watch whatever show she wants, foot massage, the sky's the limit!
  • Play "Get to know Mom" with questions like: What does mom do during  the day? What's mom favorite thing to do for fun? Where does mom want to visit most?

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