The Bitterer the Better: (Enchantment Creek Apothecary's Story)

June 14, 2019

The Bitterer the Better: (Enchantment Creek Apothecary's Story)

        Heather Olsen has been working with plants as herbal remedies, in the forest and green house for 12 years. Her passion for plant medicine was ignited early on in her life. Heather deeply connected to the plant spirits while working in a community garden in Portland, Oregon. It was then that Heather heard her calling. She dedicated her life to sustainability of health through plants, farming medicinal herbs, and dove into Western Herbalism. Family brought her to the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming. Here in the remote valleys and peaks, she works, plays and thrives as a Farmer, Herbalist, Wild Harvester and Plant Medicine Maker.

      Enchantment Creek Apothecary consists of her Wild Medicine, Fresh and Fermented Foods, and Education. Her work with plants is dedicated to bringing medicine to the people. Enlightening sustainability factors into wild harvesting, and to be a part of re-creating an unbreakable bond with nature that has been lost for decades. Consultations, Wild Harvesting, and Remedies are available to people of the United States and beyond. Locally, Heather is available at Farmers Markets in Cody and Powell. Also, her regular offerings of classes at the Barn Healing Center in Wilson, Wyoming.

To learn more about Heather and her products visit ! You can also visit her at Cody Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings. She'll tell you all about the "Bitter Face".

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