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Tea Time in Cody (Xochi's Apothecary Story)

February 07, 2019

Tea Time in Cody (Xochi's Apothecary Story)

    Xochis (SHOW-CHEESE) Apothecary was founded in January 2017 by (then engaged-now married) Katherine Sparks and Ian Kuzmik. Here's the story of their modern day apothecary.

     "We started this company for a whole bunch of reasons, but the main one relates to a dream we share: a life of self-sufficiency.

      When we were just starting out, we were trying out all sorts of products, and we still experiment a bit today. We both love to cook, so tea was especially alluring because we had the opportunity to play with different flavor profiles while remaining in the realm of herbs.

       As far as making the teas, I (Katy) make them all by hand in our home in Red Lodge, Montana.  The first step to any blend is inspiration, and from there, heavy research.  I try to make each herb in any given blend not only harmoniously effective, but thematic.  I love a theme.  I mix in very small batches, ensuring fresh herbs and refining each batch to tase.  In the Spring and Summer, we forage and gather what we can; and we are building relationships with surrounding growers and farmers to supply us.  The end goal is to be 100% locally sourced.  We are grateful to live in such an agricultural area, and hope to spread the word that locally sourced is not just the best way to go as far as food is concerned, but also in regards to medicine and wellness."

       So if you're in the market for some delicious, locally foraged/grown, creatively named, and prepped with love herbal teas, stop by the Cody Farmer's Market one of these Saturdays between (10am-1pm NEW SATURDAY HOURS). Katherine and Ian are the coolest!

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