Show Stopping Salad Tips

March 27, 2019

Show Stopping Salad Tips

Sometimes salad can be a tough thing to get excited about. Like when you're hungry, a burger usually sounds a lot better than a salad. However, with local salad season right around the corner, filling up on farm fresh flavor is something to look forward to. Making a delicious meal out of salads isn't rocket surgery. By using the tips below and adding your favorite protein you've got a meal to die for. 
Think outside the "dressing" box. Salad dressing doesn't have to only come in a plastic/glass bottle or something you make special just for salad. Think about using pickled veggies as a dressing. Like kimchi or giardiniera if you like spicy, or sauerkraut if you like sour. These add more bulk to your salad and the vinegar base basically is a ready made flavored salad dressing. 
Season your greens. Part of what makes restaurant salads exceptionally delicious is that they are always well-seasoned. Chefs make a point of seasoning the greens, not just the dressing, with a touch of salt and pepper. Fresh produce shines with a little salt and pepper mixed in too.
Use a mix of greens. Keep texture and flavor in mind when you mix. Romaine and iceberg have more of a crunch than spinach or arugula. And watercress and arugula will add a peppery bite compared to simple green leaf lettuce.
Think beyond leafy greens. There’s a world of possibilities for salads beyond lettuce. Try a combination of other vegetables, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, cooked grains, and bread.
Don't fear the fat. Remember that fat equals flavor. It helps make salads taste even better and makes them more satiating. A few easy ways to bring fat to your salad is with the dressing, or ingredients like avocado, toasted nuts, bacon, smoked salmon, or cheese.


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