Microgreens: A Veggie Espresso Shot (Raquel Canny's Story)

February 07, 2019

Microgreens: A Veggie Espresso Shot (Raquel Canny's Story)

    So what's the deal with microgreens? Well, in a nutshell, they're basically like a turbo boost of nutrition without having to eat a boatload of vegetables. Microgreens are 10-15 day old versions of our favorite vegetables. In other words they're the seedlings of the full fledged veggie you eat in the summer, with close to the same amount of nutrients in a compact ready-to-eat package.

       The cool thing is, you can grow a microgreen version of any veggie. Think Cilantro, Radishes, Broccoli, Cabbage, or even Tomatoes. Plus, we can get them locally grown, year-round! They grow under lights in a small space so you don't need acres of land to make them happen! They'll actually taste like a real intense version of the real thing too! So if you get Cilantro microgreens, prepare for a blast of flavor.

      Prepare for a blast of nutrition too because these babies pack roughly 40X the nutrition of the mature plant. This is because they're the concentrated version of what they'll be in adulthood. Just like when you were a baby, you were a compact energetic version of who you are today!

      The best way to eat these is raw in sandwiches, wraps, salads or smoothies. They'll add a boatload of flavor to any breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Raquel Canny: Cody's Microgreen Aficionado


     Raquel's microgreen journey began in Brazil believe it or not. She hails from there, but also received her PhD in Animal Sciences with a focus on livestock forage while at home. Meanwhile, she met her husband who shares her passion for starting a farm. They began that passion in Oklahoma with microgreens, because they don't require a lot of land or investment to get started. Pretty soon they were going to farmers markets and off to the races!

     Fast forward to a few short months ago when her husband got a job at Triangle Cross Ranch in Clark, WY.  Now we're lucky enough to have her delicious Broccoli, Radish, and Cabbage microgreens at the Cody Farmers Market. She grows her greens in her kitchen under artificial light, in rich soil. She says that the greens will be much more nutrient dense in rich soil than if grown hydroponically. 

     Her PhD has now come full circle in a way. She is growing forage, only for people instead of livestock. The benefits of microgreens in people are very similar to the benefits of grass fed and finished meat! The younger the plant, the more nutritious. 

     Stay tuned for more green goodness from Raquel, as she and her husband plan to grow herbs on their land in Clark. They're even planning a hoop house or two!

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