Learning by doing: School Gardens in the Big Horn Basin

March 20, 2019

Learning by doing: School Gardens in the Big Horn Basin

It can be a tall order to teach kids what farm-to-table is all about. There's some wise folks out there that say it's a lot easier when they can touch, feel, and taste it.

Luckily there's an annual event right here in The Basin to help make that happen! Stone Soup & Sourdough's annual free farm-to-table lunch raises money to help fund school gardens. And 2018 did not disappoint!

Thanks to our generous community and sponsors including (Cody Regional Health, Juniper, Sunlight Sports, Taste & See Catering, Gestalt Studios, Gradient Mountain Sports, Olive & Pearl Candles, Mountain Trash, Texture Salon, The UPS Store, FarmTableWest and Park County Master Gardeners) the 2018 fundraiser was able to fund a hydroponic greenhouse at the Wapiti school and planting materials for the Northwest College Daycare garden in Powell!

In Wapiti, Kathy Clarkson will lead the garden project and be able to feed their 20 students fresh greens all year round! Now the kids will taste the difference between weeks old lettuce shipped in from far away, and lettuce they've grown themselves. Kathy plans to make it an all around educational project for the kids so they can be involved in the growing. 

Autourina Mains of Northwest College's Daycare project will continue to grow the school garden already there. Her kids will be able to plant, grow, harvest and eat produce themselves! 

It's pretty cool to see that whole "It Takes a Village" saying in action! Who knows what the future will hold for school gardens in the Big Horn Basin.


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