Garlic Scapes: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread...

June 20, 2018

Garlic Scapes: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread...

Why? Because...

these spring jewels have it all. Weird look, heavenly taste, and only cool people know about 'em. (Sidenote: You're obviously cool).

You can't get 'em anywhere but straight off a farm in June. (or online farmer's market, hint hint.) Oh, did I mention they're delicious? Well they are.

Without further ado, let's dig in to what these creepy looking things are and how we can eat 'em. 

What's a Garlic Scape?

Well, since you asked. A garlic scape is the flower head of hardneck garlic varieties. It pops up in late spring/early summer and is a 100% edible, sgwiggly, green, pigtail looking thing (pictured above). It has to be taken off the plant because it slows the growth of that beautiful bulb at the bottom. 

Grocery store garlic is almost always a softneck variety, which does not produce a scape, and also why you never see scapes at the store. 

What do ya do with 'em?

So glad you asked! You can use them just like garlic, and more! 

They turn sweet when cooked so if you're adding chopped scapes to a stir fry or a dish you wan't garlic flavor, be sure to only slightly cook them. 

  • They're also great raw in things like pesto or as a garlicky garnish. For pesto you don't even need basil (which isn't really ready yet).
  • They're eggcellent in omelets and skillets.
  • Pizza LOVES to be paired with these tendrils because of their great chemistry.
  • You can also blend em into your favorite salad dressing for a garlicky kick!  
  • My personal favorite way to eat them is drizzled with a dollup of olive oil, salt, pepper and GRILLED! If garlic bread and potato chips had a baby, it'd taste like grilled garlic scapes. 

BOTTOM LINE: These babies are even more versatile than regular garlic. They're like it's spontaneous, fun uncle that's always down for anything. The only con is that you probably don't want to go on any dates after eating these, unless your date likes 'em too. 

Where do I get 'em?

Well they just happen to be in stock (when in season) at that online farmer's market I mentioned earlier. What are the chances?!?! Oh, and they can be delivered Monday-Friday. 

They'll be hanging out at the Cody Farmer's Market on Saturdays at 13th & Beck from 9am-12pm with all the other cool vendors and their viddles. (Pastured Poultry, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Sweets AND Local Produce!) 

So don't wait to get your scapes! They only hang around until about July and then they go hibernate for a while. 

-Zach "Garlic Scape #1 Fan" Buchel

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